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Finger Puppets to Go

Max and Sally on their way to Massachusetts
I've sold a bunch of finger puppets. They are available on my website. I guarantee they will bring instant joy every time you look at them!

More Finger Puppets!

Part of the whole gang
I just finished making more finger puppets. They are for sale on my website. Click here to check them out!

Made in America

Bo and Buck, always bickering
Available on my website! Click here.

Finger Puppets on Etsy

Goldie Lock and Yellow Dog
My finger puppets are no longer available on Etsy, but are available exclusively on my website,

Now on Etsy...

The Couple in the Woods and The Elders
Bedding Down
Pot-Bellied Chicken
I've opened a gallery of some of my available work on Etsy. I will be adding more over the next week or so. Enjoy and please share with anyone who you think might be interested...